If you’re reading this then perhaps, like me, you’re prone to overthinking. My brain is so fizzed up with thoughts that I don’t always notice what’s going on around me, and I can’t take action or express what I feel or mean, because whatever meaning has been clogged up and stifled under layers of thought. As my friend pointed out, this incessant thinking is so unnecessary. It is robbing me of my capacity to enjoy life. And it’s probably doing the same to you. Because how can you truly concentrate on and appreciate the array of moments of a life, from a great song to a sip of cold beer, if your mind is constantly jumping back and forth like a restless, sugar-fuelled child?


Funnily enough, I make the best decisions, have the best insights, and feel most confident and happy with myself when my mind is clear – free from worrying and analysing and judging, so that I can just get on with being and doing. Every square second of every day I am thinking, and it is so irrelevant; it doesn’t solve anything, because it’s not focused enough to and it’s fuelled by anxiety. If I wasn’t so anxious, I wouldn’t think so much, and if I didn’t think so much, I wouldn’t be so anxious. But how to break this negative thinking enclosure?

My friend suggested that I focus on doing every action with my whole self. As in, no daydreaming while doing, but giving everything I do everything I’ve got. I tried this approach out today, and it works. It’s not a quick fix, and I’m finding it hard to break the overthinking habit, but it’s definitely a good place to start. Because if you use your whole self in each action, you become more present. And you don’t have time to overthink because you’re more engrossed in what’s occurring in front of you, because all your inner energies are going into that, rather than flowing in the opposite direction. After all, there is a world outside of your head, and I think that you’ll feel happiest when inner and outer are working in harmony. So, all you over thinkers, start doing things with your whole self, rather than expending energy and draining yourself in the never-ending loopholes of thought…







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